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  • We follow GMP policy and procedure, HACCP, and quality management (including aseptic process, and bacteria testing).
  • Production managment experience for Fortune 500 Companies
  • Everything we provide is custom-blended to your needs.
  • Custom Formulation and Precision Blending
  • Quality thru expertise & innovation
  • Delivered when you need it, packaged the way you use it

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More Ways We Can Help

Mary eliminates waste and increases quality through pre-mix batches that are exactly the size needed and packaged to integrate directly into production processes.
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Dan, responsible for the manufacture of ready-made meals for seniors, tailors the exact nutrients to meet RDI.
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Bob, from a regional convenience store chain, works with Vida-Blend to formulate an energy blend for an energy drink that will compete with national brands.
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Meet Mary!

Mary is in charge of nutrition at Acme Dietary Dishes, the only company of it’s kind, making foods for clients who require special dietary therapies. The company’s customers have a medical condition that requires a specialized diet in order to remain alive and well. Business is good, but....

Money is Being Wasted

Currently the company purchases its pre-blends from a supplier who requires them to purchase four times the amount they need and often the pre-blend expires before they can use it all. This incurs a higher cost to them and their consumers. It also provides many difficulties related to wastage, expiring product inventory as well as high warehouse costs related to storing unneeded product. The current supplier also will not package the formulation in a size that the customer can mix directly into its products. This can lead to mistakes in amounts added and in ensuring that the correct nutrient blends are added to the right product being manufactured.

Mary calls on Vida-Blend!

We specialize in smaller nutrient batch sizes, so providing the customer with the amount required- and not more than is required- solved the problems of product expiration, inventory carrying costs, and warehouse space usage all at once. Vida-Blend not only packaged the nutrient formulations so that they could simply be picked from inventory and added to a food batch, but each different formulations is color coded to avoid confusion and mistakes.

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