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We are the Ideal Partner to Beverage Manufacturers

  • We follow GMP policy and procedure, HACCP, and quality management (including aseptic process, and bacteria testing).
  • Production management experience for Fortune 500 Companies
  • Everything we provide is custom-blended to your needs.
  • Custom Formulation and Precision Blending
  • Quality thru expertise & innovation
  • Delivered when you need it, packaged the way you use it
  • Private label products allow for lower prices and higher margins.
  • 35% of consumers see branded energy drinks as too expensive. By offering private label you are able to give the customer what they want at the price they want.
  • 46% of shoppers today buy private label products.

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Mary eliminates waste and increases quality through pre-mix batches that are exactly the size needed and packaged to integrate directly into production processes.
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Dan, responsible for the manufacture of ready-made meals for seniors, tailors the exact nutrients to meet RDI.
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Bob, from a regional convenience store chain, works with Vida-Blend to formulate an energy blend for an energy drink that will compete with national brands.
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Meet Bob

Bob works at ACME Mart, a regional convenience store chain & is leading a project to develop a private label energy drink.

This beverage will compete with a leading energy drink currently available on store shelves. ACME Mart has experience in producing beverages & food products, but has never needed to balance flavor & color with fortification.

To fortify the product with the right energy blend, they enlist a long standing pre-mix company.

But the Results Fall Short

The firm doesn't assist with bottling procedures to ensure proper mixing and pricing is prohibitive for the store chain. The result is a test beverage with significant precipitate at the bottom of the bottle, a cost that doesn't work from the business end, and Bob is left wondering if the project is worth pursuing.

Bob Contacts Vida-Blend

First, Vida-Blend invents a “matching” formulation for the beverage blend which has similar color, and flavor profiles when compared to the national brand. Next, “micro test batches” are prepared and determine that some of the natural agents in the national brand tend to precipitate out of the beverage and end up at the bottom of the container. To alleviate this, Vida-Blend's Formulator adds natural stabilizers to keep the ingredients in solution.

With the ingredients determined, Freddy Luna, head of the Blending Team, comes up with a set of processing steps that make it easier for the ingredients to remain in solution.

Bob is Excited

The drink tastes great, delivers the energy and nutrients they were aiming for, is stable enough to be stored without ingredients precipitating, and the price is just right.

Vida-Blend offers to make a larger sample for the company to test on their own equipment to make sure that the formula works in their actual processing system. Along with the larger sample, come instructions with how to add the pre-blend to the beverage for maximum dissolution.

The Results

  • In informal taste tests, ACME Mart's energy drink is Preferred over the national brand.
  • A pre-blend that stays in solution, thanks to Vida-Blend's research and expertise.
  • The customer is able to meet quality standards by using the provided instructions on how to use the product in their process.
  • Vida-Blend's fair pricing & ability to package per ACME Mart's needs allow for substantial profit with their drink priced lower than the national brand - even with ACME's better flavor and better nutrient properties.
  • Bob gets a promotion.

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