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Custom Formulation

Need to create a new nutrient premix formula?

  • Market studies show that fortified products have increased sales and profit margins
  • Ask us to formulate a custom pre-blend that meets your marketing, nutritional and product quality goals
  • 1,000’s of ingredients to choose from
  • In-house food technologists to work with your R&D staff
  • Our team is driven on service to make our partnership a success

At Vida-Blend, we...

  • Work closely to understand, and meet our clients needs
  • are always on top of the latest nutrition market trends, research & developments
  • have production management experience for Fortune 500 companies
  • follow GMP policy and procedure, HACCP, and quality management (including aseptic process, and bacteria testing)
  • create innovative solutions for our clients' nutrient & production needs, every day

Wondering how Custom Formulation can help?

Dan, responsible for the manufacture of ready-made meals for seniors, tailors the exact nutrients to meet RDI.
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Send us a Blend Request

Get started easily by submitting a blend request. We’ll respond promptly with cost, benefit & timeframe esitmates.


Learn the Benefits

Ask our formulator to see the benefits of fortifying your products.


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